MyEducation BC – Implementation and Training Plan

April 13, 2015 admin Communications

Updated: July 2, 2015

This summary includes the functionality timeline for implementing each feature of MyEducation BC, an overall calendar of working events, and, most importantly, the targeted training sessions relevant to each employee group.

The Guiding Principles we have adopted for implementing MyEducation BC are as follows:

  • Optimal implementation of all functions in order to have best communication around student success within the School District and with the parents of our students
  • Consistent information sharing school to school, school to district, district to district
  • The lead implementers at each school are the Principals and Vice Principals
  • Training for MyEducation BC will follow the Train the Trainer model for our initial implementation followed by Just In Time / Train the Trainer model as future enhancements become available
  • By utilizing the Train the Trainer model we’ll be building teams of mentors throughout the district which will provide long term support
  • The IT Centre team will be guiding the development of the support structures through ongoing collaboration
  • The implementation plan is a living document that will be adjusted to reflect new issues and challenges as they arise with the intent to fully support all users

MyEducation BC Implementation and Training Plan


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